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  • Help kids gain an academic edge and learn 21st century technology, science & math skills
  • Give kids a love to STEAM subjects and foster innovation & problem-solving
  • Own a business that makes a difference in kids’ lives
  • Build a business from your home
  • Exclusive territories available
Zaniac instructors work to become experts in their curriculum specialties.
Above: Zaniac instructors work to become experts in their curriculum specialties.

What is Zaniac

Zaniac is a leading Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education franchisor in the United States where learning is fun. Founded in 2010 by professor, author and social entrepreneur Paul Zane Pilzer, Zaniac is headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina and has served more than 50,000 students to date.

A Zaniac Kids franchise offers kids from grades K-8 a broad range of fun and enriching STEAM programs such as Coding, Robotics, Engineering, Math, Reading, Design, Chess and Game-Based Learning MinecraftTM. Zaniac STEAM Programs are delivered year-round at locations throughout a community in place such as schools, churches, community centers as after-school programs, evening and weekend programs, school break camps, summer camps, birthday parties and fun events like parents’ night out or chess club. Programs also can be delivered as part of a school’s teaching day as an elective, in-school field trips and workshops, for teacher professional development, and incorporated into a home school learning plan.

Zaniac’s STEAM programs utilize a state-of-the-art curriculum presented to students by instructors through a customized pedagogy that combines fun, peer-based learning and hands-on engagement with the latest technology. (For example, build robots, learn how to code, explore space.) Classes are typically 90-minutes with 5 to 10 students each, allowing for personalized attention. Parents can receive emails after each class sharing their child’s progress.

The Zaniac Learning Management and Operating System (LMOS) is our turnkey, cloud-based solution that allows Zaniac owners to concentrate on sales and improving their customer's experience rather than operational friction points such as scheduling and accounting.

A New Kind of Franchise

Community Improvement

The Zaniac team is passionate about improving the lives of students and parents in communities across the country. As a Franchise owner you will make a significant, positive impact on the families and schools in your community — both in the lives of the students you serve and the entire community by raising the bar on STEAM education. Bringing Zaniac to your community creates real, long-lasting improvements in the outlook, confidence, and academic success of students.

Unique Approach

Zaniac features an environment and pedagogy unlike any other educational business or school. Parents love it because Zaniac provides real academic advantage to their children. Kids love it because Zaniac lets them interact with technology and math in a hands-on environment that feels just like playing with friends. Learning has never been this fun!

Growth Potential

Zaniac is leveraging the strong growth potential of the educational enrichment market, especially in STEAM fields such as math and computer science. The founder of Zaniac, Professor Paul Zane Pilzer, predicts that the global educational enrichment (“getting ahead”) industry will soon exceed the $100 billion tutoring (“catching up”) industry. Every community needs a Zaniac, and you can be the first to bring Zaniac to yours.


STEAM education is critical to the future success and prosperity of every child and our nation. Zaniac stays ahead of the technological curve, constantly updating and adding new curricula to its current programs in coding, robotics, engineering, 3D printing and science.

Cutting-Edge Business Model

Zaniac employs a business model that leverages state-of-the-art technology to maximize the efficiency of management, communication and operations. As an owner, you will receive access to the Zaniac corporate management team for support.

“Zaniac helps children understand how the world was built and gives them the confidence and tools to make it better.”— Paul Zane Pilzer, Founder
LEGO Robotics systems enable hands-on learning experiences
Zaniac’s K-8 programs and camps motivate students to want to learn more math and science.
Zaniac courses encourage teamwork
Zaniac students often attend courses with their friends, and make new friends along the way.

Franchisee Qualifications

    Whether you are searching for a business for sale or a franchise, the level of commitment is personal, financial, emotional, and includes the support of family and friends. We believe successful Franchisee candidates must:

  • Live in the market they wish to serve
  • Work full-time or mostly full-time in the business
  • Have a net worth of US$250,000 or greater
  • Have access to cash US$100,000 to $150,000
  • Have experience in the following areas:
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Business Management
    • Working with Children
    • Enjoy the tasks and responsibilities that are part of owning a business

    Franchisees have almost as much fun as the kids while…:

  • Following a strategic plan
  • Working with people
  • Staffing, training and supervising
  • Handling business administration and its complexities
  • Marketing and spreading the word about Zaniac
  • Interacting with school administrators, teachers, parents, and kids
  • Building customer relationships
  • Being a community influencer and engaging in community events
  • Networking...and more
  • Franchisee Cost

    All franchise territories are protected and exclusive. We will not sell another Zaniac Kids franchise within your territory.
    Zaniac offers training programs & on-going support for all of our franchisees to help grow their business. Our training programs are thorough and will provide you with the tools for running a Zaniac Kids franchise.

    Next Steps

    Zaniac is looking for prospective Zaniac Kids franchisees that have an entrepreneurial spirit, enjoy working with children, recognize the need for quality STEAM education and enrichment, and want to make a valuable contribution to their community.

    If you share our passion and have a desire to build your financial future, then contact us to learn more about franchising opportunities in your area. If you have the drive and passion for our brand, we want you!

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