Zaniac Basics

By Dhaval Patel,

Zaniac Basics

A Modern Approach to Prepare Kids for the Upcoming Economy

"65% Of Kids Entering School This Year Will End Up In Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet"

If that's the case, how can we prepare our kids for the upcoming economy? 

"Preschoolers may have full mastery of your iPad but Cathy N. Davidson, a professor at Duke University, argues that classrooms are not keeping up with the new ways in which our kids are learning.  In her new book Now You See It, she points out that many of our schools are stuck teaching with archaic methods, training our kids for an economy that won’t exist by the time they are adults."

Cathy Davidson says that technology with new teaching practices are needed.

Zaniac Basics offer such a dynamic curriculum and environment to teach today's basics:

  1. Math (with Robotics)
  2. Reading (with an emphasis on non-fiction)
  3. Engineering (Lego and VEX as well as 3D printing)
  4.   Coding (Game Design, App Creation, Web Design, 3D design)

What makes Zaniac Basics special?

Brain research tells us that when the fun stops, learning often stops too.

-- Judy Willis, The Neuroscience of Joyful Education

Zaniac provides an open (yet structured) environment for learning.  Kids are taught key concepts and then asked to build or create with their newfound knowledge.  They are encouraged to collaborate and make mistakes.  Unknowingly, kids are habituated to solve problems in a team and by utilizing their imagination.  It helps that Zaniac provides industry-leading programs in all the STEAM fields in one place.  It also helps that Zaniac instructors are over-achievers and great role models!

Zaniac nurtures kids' emotions and encourages imaginative thought.  This forms the framework, along with up-do-date skills, for a lifetime of ongoing, self-directed education.

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Zaniac Basics