What Parents Say About Zaniac

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What Parents Say About Zaniac!

The benefits of your child coming to Zaniac are numerous!  Gain an academic edge. Learn 21st century technology skills. Discover a love for math and science. Get homework help from our talented instructors.  Boost confidence. Engage with friends in our fun learning environment and so much more! What you might want to read more is what other moms and dads say about Zaniac! Read more about why parents give Zaniac two thumbs up.

“As a Data Science evangelist, a Math major and a professional who dwells in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning world, I see firsthand where the world is headed and glad someone took the initiative to provide science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) curriculum to young kids. Having taught Math to kids at middle school, high school, undergraduate and graduate students here in America, I just assumed that I will be able to excite my daughter with the STEAM material. What I have not been able to do at home Zaniac has done a great job, with its engaging curriculum, dedicated instructors and a group environment with other kids! Highly recommend this place!” – Prem Boinpally, Review on Facebook

“Zaniac Jersey City location is incredibly well run and organized! Both my kids (7 and 5 years old) loved the programs and the mix of STEAM activities that engaged them throughout the day. Great programs and lots of individualized attention. My son enjoyed learning Game Design, Minecraft, Robotic Legos, Tinkering, Chess and the time and freedom he was given to work. He liked the mix of people and getting to see bits of what the older kids were working on. It inspired him in his projects at home, He LOVED that he had a group that shared same interests and passions with which he could talk and share. My daughter LOVED GarageBand, 3D Printing, and Tinkering programs. She learned so much and her curiosity to learn how things work have developed more. An excellent place for kids.” Sanjeey Pasham, Review on Facebook

Fantastic curriculum, amazing educators, even the walls in this cheerful space teach math. Highly recommend.” – Dalia Bose Tole, Review on Facebook

“Zaniac Jersey City is amazing. My daughter and I attended the Grand Opening and were so impressed with the entire program. Zaniac is designed to educate kids K -8 with a focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math). They offer a variety of different classes that appeal to various age groups. During out visit we had the opportunity to have an evaluation done for Zane MATH. Hazem, the Zaniac instructor sat with her and coached her through the activity. He was attentive, patient and encouraged her the entire time. All of the instructors we met were wonderful. All are college students studying in various fields science and technology. I think that is going to make the experience even cooler for the kids. Making sure our children do not lose skills over the summer vacation is important and a Summer Camp program like Zaniac offers is giving us that and so much more. Zaniac offers the opportunity to learn and explore in a social environment. The trick is to have the kids learn without even realizing they are. My daughter will be attending a few weeks of camp this summer and I cannot wait to see what she learns.” – Veronica Garcia, Review on Google 

“My friend told me about Zaniac and I'm so happy we decided to start. He absolutely loves it there! He told me the first day we wanted to return every week. First week he did Minecraft, returned (after tennis camp) for Robotics and now he's in Math camp. When September comes I plan to keep him in for weekly tutoring. Betty and her staff are truly amazing.  I needed a place that would keep my son engaged, having fun and challenged at the same time. I found it there at Zaniacs.” – Annie D. Review on Yelp

“I will begin by stating that I do not have children and I mainly checked out the open house at the request of a friend.  I do work in technology and have a computer science background.  I am also a special instructor for a few universities where I teach a course on Data Science and technology.  If I had a child that was resonating stronger towards the sciences, math, technology, or arts there would be no doubt to have my child take classes here. The facility is using state of the art and in some cases groundbreaking technology.  3D printing, Macs, Garage Band, Minecraft, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Robotics and they also have courses that teach computer and data languages like Python and Java. However, the METHOD that is used (as I took a bit of courses myself next to a 5 year old) is using building blocks and visual methods to showcase not just how something works but WHY it works.  The instructors are all high school and College students that seem to be able to interact better with younger kids better than most adults.  The kids were inquisitive and the instructors didn't seem to mind all the questions and can explain using items kids already know (like Legos) and adding in cooler other features like batteries to turn their Legos into robots. I wish Zaniac would start to consider some of these course for adults as well.  The skills the kids are learning are great foundation courses and are skills that are marketable today. The location is also pretty convenient to the PATH and other businesses nearby. Bottom Line: This is a great offering for children and a way to keep them learning and curious but also building valuable skills. – Reena B., Review on Yelp

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What Parents Say About Zaniac