All New Zaniac Programs

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New Programs Launching in October and November!  Check them out here...

Ignite your child's love of learning and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with Zaniac's exciting new programs for STEM Mastery! Zaniac gives kids an academic edge and boosts confidence with 21st century skills in our high-tech environment! 

Our new programs include: 

Zane Reading

Increase your child's reading proficiency and comprehension for success at school. Reading is one thing. Understanding is another. Learn more! 

Call to Enroll: 919.342.8536

Computer Programming: Intro to Blockly

Learn the language of the 21st century! Discover the basics of coding using Blockly with some help from Dash Bot and our amazing instructors. Kickstart your journey into the world of code! See the flyer here. 


Game-Based Learning: Minecraft Redstone Lab

It's electrifying! Solve electrical challenges in Minecraft's Laboratory. Learn about inputs, outputs, logic gates and more through the newest version of Minecraft! See the flyer here. 


Computer Programming: Web Development with JavaScript

Become a web developer in training! Discover the programming language of the Web and make things happen on a Webpage. See the flyer here. 


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All New Zaniac Programs