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Your kids are on vacation, but their minds don't have to be!

School Break camps are the perfect combination of learning and fun, featuring our many engaging programs that nurture your K-6 child’s love of math and technology. Zaniac is open most days your child’s school is on recess, including single day camps, during teacher planning days, and all Track-Out Camps. Choose between half-day (morning or afternoon) and full-day camps. We also have week-long camps over Winter Break, Spring Recess, and Spring Break.

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SH Summer Camp

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Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm

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Camp Theme Descriptions

Exploring Electronics

Students learn the basics of coding, circuits, micro-controllers, physics, and math concepts while being engaged with our Game-Based Learning techniques. In Exploring Electronics we use tools such as Scratch, Java, Python, Minecraft, littleBits, Arduino, and more.

Tech Design

This camp will place an emphasis on the ‘A’ in STEAM. Students are immersed in the engineering and design process while creating 3D prints, architectural design, musical compositions, and even their own fashion designs. Students are guided as they create their own originally designed projects using our cutting edge technology tools such as TinkerCad, PrintStudio, Inkscape, Minecraft, GarageBand, and Scratch.

Engineering & Robotics

Our engineering and robotics camps provide a powerful way to inspire students’ interest, and understanding in engineering through hands-on exploration and innovation. These camps focus on the design and creation with unique and engaging tinkering activities. We use tools such as LEGOS, LEGO Mindstorms EV3, Dash and Dot Robots, Minecraft, and littleBits.

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