Computer Programming

Kick-start your journey into the world of code

In Computer Programming, students work with Zaniac instructors to solve computing problems and learn real-world skills that software developers use every day. Go from true beginner to writing custom games in Python, all while having a blast along the way. Coding has never been more cool.

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    Computer Programming: Intro to Scratch

    Intro to Scratch teaches programming concepts such as sequences, loops, iterative development, and debugging using a modern, block-based approach. Students create animations and videos to share with friends and family. No prior experience necessary.

    Computer Programming: Game Design*

    In Game Design, students create a new game every class and program classic games like Pac-man and more. Learn advanced concepts, such as broadcasting, variables, and adaptability while working on collaborative learning skills.

    *Intro to Scratch is a prerequisite for this course.

    Computer Programming: Intro to Python

    Python students work with an intuitive, syntax-based language and learn syntax-specific concepts like lists, strings, and conditions. Create the foundation of a functional platform game! For grades 4-8.

    Computer Programming: App Creation*

    In App Creation, students explore the software design process using App Inventor 2, a block-based, visual programming approach designed by MIT. Learn and use real development techniques like event handlers, timers, lists, database management, and script generation to go from concept to a functional application that is yours to keep. After class you can continue to develop your favorite apps at home, share them with friends via the App Inventor Gallery, and even sell them on the Google Play™ store! For grades 4-8.

    *Intro to Scratch is a prerequisite for this course

    Computer Programming: Web Design

    In Web Design, students create their own website, going all the way from concept to functional, hosted site. Learn the basics of the HTML5 and CSS3 web languages, layout strategies, color theory, and responsive web design. Start by brainstorming your initial concept, wireframing a template in Moqups, building in Weebly, and tweaking the HTML and CSS to dial in the design. Web Design students also learn about site maintenance, including UX feedback, testing, updates, domain management, and hosting. For grades 2-8.

    *Intro to Scratch is a prerequisite for this course

    Intro to Java*

    In Intro to Java, students learn the basics of Java, a "write once, run everywhere" language. Explore principles like variables, classes, methods, code efficiency, and automation, all while building a text adventure game, a calculator, and more. For grades 4-8.

    *Intro to Scratch, Game Design, and Web Design are prerequisites for this course.

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