Zaniac Robotics: LEGO®

Bring math and technology skills to life with LEGO® Mindstorms

Zaniac Robotics teaches engineering and math concepts like mechanics, physics, design, and environmental science using some of the latest LEGO EV3 Robotics systems. Work with Zaniac’s robotics experts to build and program complex robot systems.

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    All Courses Feature
    LEGO® Robotics: Simple Machines

    Simple Machines is perfect for younger learners who are just getting started with LEGO. Students get an introduction to levers, inclined planes, pulleys, screws, and complete challenges through building motorized mechanisms in teams. For grades K-6.

    Intro to LEGO® Robotics

    In Intro to LEGO®, students learn the basics of robotics, the scientific method, forces, and design through exploring scientific and engineering concepts. Build and program robotic solutions to defined projects and get introduced to a variety of sensors and motors. For grades 2-8.

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