K–8 After School Programs & Camps

What is Zaniac?

Where Curiosity, Technology, Exploration And Fun Meet!

Since 2014, Zaniac offers year-round Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM) Programs and Camps for K-8th grade kids. Discover learning that feels like play! Join us for a class after- school or a camp during summer school break. Ignite your child’s imagination and build confidence with Zaniac’s challenging math and coding curriculum, and enjoy small classes led by talented role model instructors. Due to COVID-19, we have extended our curriculum for Virtual Learning only.

Give your child 21st century skills and boost confidence to succeed in school.

Let's Talk Back to School!

Back to School is here. Make sure your kids’ after-school program is ready to roll! Zaniac South Miami will continue to offer online Technology & Academic Enrichment throughout the 2020- 2021 school year.

Zaniac's STEAM programs are designed from the ground up to prioritize fun, active engagement within an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

After-school classes are open for private, semi-private and group classes that meet once or twice a week for a 1-hour class from Monday to Saturday. Our after-school classes are focused on Math K-12th grade, Minecraft 2nd – 6th Grade and Coding 2nd – 12th grade.

Zaniac Programs

Zane Math

At Zaniac, we believe that all children can learn and become excited about math in the right environment. We build on the great work teachers do in the classroom to support your child where she or he needs it most. With Zane Math, your student will experience a world-class curriculum coordinated with what she or he is studying in school. This makes it easy to extend the lessons learned at Zaniac to the classroom. We provide your child with a FREE assessment to identify his/her skill level, based on the results of the assessment a custom curriculum is created to ensure no concept is left behind and there is mastery in all areas.

Forget drills and repetition. Zane Math engages your child in creative, conceptual problem solving in a fun environment. Kids who need extra attention in an area get it, and children who are not challenged enough come here for the chance to work ahead and engage at a higher level.

Private, semi-private and group classes meet every day for 1 hour per week. Contact us for schedule availability.


In Coding, students work with Zaniac instructors to solve computing problems and learn real-world skills that software developers use every day. Go from true beginner to writing custom games in Python, Java and more, all while having a blast along the way.

We offer the following coding learning progression to ensure your child is making progress and getting challenged:

  • Coding I: Intro to Scratch
  • Coding II: Scratch Game Design
  • Creative Coding III: Advanced Scratch
  • Intro to Python
  • Intermediate Python
  • Advanced Python
  • Intro to Java
  • Intermediate Java
  • Advanced Java
  • Web Development with JavaScript

Private, semi-private and group classes meet every day for 1 hour per week. Contact us for schedule availability.

Minecraft - Game Based Learning

At Zaniac we use Minecraft as a tool to teach real world math, science, and technology skills. Minecraft reinforces academic concepts and introduces students to physical and life sciences. Kids learn with their peers in a fun, team format while developing critical reasoning skills.

Private, semi-private and group classes meet every day for 1 hour per week. Contact us for schedule availability.


Code/Art is a non-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote and increase the number of girls studying Computer Science and promote gender and racial diversity in Computer Science. Every year they organize a digital art exhibition, all-girls coding competition called Code/Art Miami. This is for girls in grades 3-12 interested in creative development through technology.

There are 6 categories for girls to participate in: Animation, Interactive, 3D Printing, Website, Mobile App and Coded Electronic. For the past 4 years Zaniac’s students have participated in this competition and have won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places each year on several of the categories. In 2019, Zaniac entered 17 participants in the interactive and animation categories, 14 were chosen as finalist and in an amazing display of coding skills and craftsmanship 7 girls won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

This is not only a fun and empowering event for girls who love technology and to express themselves creatively, but also a great way to expand their mastery of coding and STEAM in a way that many girls love… being “artsy”! Our talented instructors will coach and guide your daughter through the process of developing their own project from concept to completion all while learning to code.

Zaniac Code/Art classes meet on Wednesday from 6pm-7pm for 1 hour in group classes of 4 students maximum.

For more information and to register contact us at southmiami@zaniaclearning.com or 305.668.0605

Afterschool Online Enrichment Details

  • Instructors are with your child every step of the way - face-to-face!
  • A Personal Computer is needed for all the classes.
  • Classes are 1-hour long
  • Online Program Hours: are Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm / Saturdays 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Tuition is paid in advanced for the upcoming month.
  • Schedule of classes is set in advance and any changes will need to be requested in writing at southmiami@zaniaclearning.com and cancellation and refund policies apply.
  • All online classes are private, semi-private (2 students) and group classes with a maximum of 5 students for Minecraft, 4 students for coding and 3 for math.
  • Classes will be hosted via Zoom

Cancellation & Refund Policies

Online After-School Classes (Regular Programs/Non-Camps)
  • Zaniac offers 1 make-up per month per child, per program, for classes cancelled with at least 24 hours prior notice
  • Prior notice must be delivered in writing/email to southmiami@zaniaclearning.com
  • Any schedule arrangements made verbally or directly with Instructors will not be honored and will be considered a No-Show
  • Make-up sessions will only be provided in the case of inclement weather, illness, or prearranged vacation/holidays
  • Make-up sessions will not be provided when there is a violation of the cancellation policy or for No-Shows
  • Make-up sessions are provided based on instructor availability and needs to be rescheduled within the month
  • All classes must be completed within a maximum 2 months
  • Refund Policy
  • Reimbursements will only be made after the first session for any of Zaniac programs
  • Zaniac reserves the right to charge parents $100 for the first class. Reimbursements take approximately 10 days to appear on customer's credit card