Not Just For Boys, Girls Who Code

By Zaniac-South Miami,

Encouraging Girls To Code

To create a future where women are represented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, the research indicates that two things need to happen. 1. Create a more inclusive STEM culture where both men and women are encouraged to succeed. 2. Introduce STEM prior to college. At Zaniac, we provide solutions for both of these challenges. Not only do we create an inclusive culture—where we embrace the strengths of every child (boys and girls!)—but we also ignite an early interest in STEM learning.

At Zaniac, we make STEM programs an integral part of kids’ growing up experience by offering programs as early as pre-K. Our philosophy is to provide kids with a real academic advantage and empower kids with 21st century skills. We hope to change current statistics by introducing STEM-learning to our youth in an environment that feels like play.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million jobs available in computer science, but U.S. universities are only on track to produce qualified graduates to fill less than a third of those jobs, and only a tiny number of graduates in computer science are women.

Getting girls interested at a young age in Computer Science begins with a conversation at home about its benefits.

Kick-start your daughter’s journey into the world of code!

·      Join a community movement. #GirlsWhoCode ( is a sisterhood of 40,000 and growing girls who are interested in coding. In fact, they just released a GirlsWhoCode app so girls can trade ideas and support each other in this growing community. It’s called the Girls Who Code Loop and it can be downloaded for free in iTunes.

·      Learn something new. When you code, you create.

·      Feel empowered as a #girlwhocodes #zaniac

·      Coding is like solving puzzles.

·      To learn to code is to learn a new language.

·      Knowing how to code is like having a superpower.

·      Sparking an early interest in computer programming, can lead to a higher likelihood of career success by pursuing an in-demand field.


At Zaniac, kids can work with instructors to solve computing problems and learn real-world skills that software developers use every day. Girls (and boys!) can go from true beginners to writing custom games in Python. Girls can learn with Scratch, Python or Java and develop real-world skills like web design, app creation and game design.  Kids (overachievers!) can participate in our Mastery Progression Program where you can advance through every Computer Programming program we offer and earn your Certificate of Mastery!

Complete all six courses and achieve mastery!

· Intro to Scratch

· Game Design with Scratch

· App Creation

· Intro to Python

· Intro to Java

· Web Design

· Intro to Modding

· Advanced Modding


Let’s face it—Coding is cool. Together we can create an inclusive culture where boys and girls look forward to a bright future in STEM.

Start Your Coding Journey Today!

Not Just For Boys, Girls Who Code