Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do here at Zaniac?

  • Zaniac offers after-school programs and camps for K-8 kids.
  • We build students’ confidence with programs like Zane Math and Homework Help, and we foster their curiosity with programs such as LEGO Robotics and Computer Programming.
  • We deliver a math and science experience that engages, motivates, and excites K-8 kids while making their parents proud about providing them with a real academic advantage.
  • Our core offering: Zane Math - a uniquely compelling, effective, and measurable approach to get kids caught up or ahead in math.

We also offer 6-week STEM enrichment courses:

  • Lego Robotics - Students get exposed to engineering problem solving in a fun environment where learning feels like play.
  • Computer Programming - Using Scratch, a programming environment designed by MIT, kids learn the logic of programming without being buried in syntax.
  • Minecraft - We use Minecraft as a tool to teach concepts like physics, natural resource management, and architecture.
  • Chess - We believe that if you teach a child to play chess, they will feel smarter and more confident.
  • Touch Typing - Kids are having to write essays at younger and younger ages, and we know that ideas don’t flow when students have to peck around on the keyboard - we want to eliminate this factor for kids.

Do you allow kids to sit in on one class or have a trial class before deciding if they want to commit to the 6-week program? Is there an option to pay for just one class?

If you would like to try a single class before purchasing a full course, you may pay a single class rate which will be credited toward the full course price if you decide to enroll. Please ask your campus manager about single class rates.

What is the correlation between a student’s grade in school and what level of Zane Math they would likely be in?

  • Level 1 - K
  • Level 2 - K-1
  • Level 3 - 1-2
  • Level 4 - 2
  • Level 5 - 2-3
  • Level 6 - 3-4
  • Level 7 - 4
  • Level 8 - 5
  • Level 9 - 5-6
  • Level 10 - 6
  • Level 11 - 6-7
  • Level 12 - 7
  • Level 13 - 7-8
  • Level 14 - 8

How does Zane Math compare to the Common Core Curriculum?

  • Zane Math is aligned with the common core and it establishes an understanding of the fundamental K-8 math concepts in order to help kids build confidence in school.
  • Zane Math is a measured approach from start to finish.
  • Kids start by taking a free assessment which will determine his/her Zane Math level. Each week, they complete milestones to test the understanding of the previous lesson.
  • At the end of the course, students complete an achievement which can be compared to the assessment to show exactly how much was learned about each concept.
  • Hard copy assessments, milestones, and achievements are scanned and can be viewed by the parents at zaniaclearning.com.
  • Zane Math is based on a mix between Eastern and Western math programs.

What are your age limits? Will you make exceptions for exceptional youngsters or for kids that are beyond 8th grade but still need help with math?

  • Minimum age requirement: the student has started Kindergarten.
  • The minimum requirement for every course is that they have begun to learn how to read (exceptions can be made for chess).
  • Maximum age: students haven’t yet begun 9th grade (we will accept 8th graders during the summer after 8th grade).

Do you provide any tutoring outside of Zaniac?

Zaniac offers private tutoring in any subject — please speak with your campus manager for hourly rates. Zaniac does not provide in-home tutoring and Zaniac instructors are not permitted to offer competing services outside of Zaniac.

Can students bring their homework with them to a Zane Math course?

  • In addition to Zane Math, we also offer our homework center.
  • Students can get help from one of our trained instructors or use our computers to write reports and take breaks by playing educational games.
  • Outside schoolwork is not completed during Zane Math lessons.

Will my child receive 1-on-1 attention in your courses?

Our group classes are taught with a maximum of a 5-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio. We also offer private Zane Math classes and private homework help.

What makes you different from other learning centers?

  • At Zaniac, we emphasize the necessity of having a fun and inspiring learning environment for kids.
  • We provide unique technology enrichment courses such as Lego Robotics, Computer Programming, and Minecraft.
  • We prioritize experiential learning as a pedagogy.
  • Our measured approach and our own custom online software allows parents to keep track of how their child is doing as they progress through a course.

What is assessment based curriculum?

Adults think they are pretty smart, but in fact we have very little notion of how humans learn. Kids know: They play games that continually challenge their skills. Until, that is, they go to school. That’s when the games stop for many kids, particularly when the work they do in school is below, or above, their current level, or is work that they have already mastered somewhere else.

Continual challenge at every level equals fun and learning — and that's what is behind Zane Math and Zaniac’s other blended learning programs.

Zane Math divides all common core K-8 math into 60 distinct concepts with 12,000 problems in our computerized database. Students begin by taking a paper-and-pencil assessment to identify concepts they already know and concepts where they can improve. This handwritten assessment is scored, scanned and uploaded to their online desk at zaniaclearning.com. Then, the computer is used to generate a paper-and-pencil, customized, 6-week 100-page curriculum, that is taught live, in a 5-student classroom with peer-based instruction and the latest technology. Each week your student's progress, concept by concept, is measured with an online handwritten milestone that compares what they've learned vs their original assessment — no concept is left behind.

Learn more about Zane math and our other blended learning technology programs.

What is the Zaniac policy for cancellations and make-up sessions?

Cancellation Policy and Make-up Sessions for After-School Programs

  • Zaniac offers up to 2 make-up sessions per child for students registered for the semester, for classes cancelled with at least 24hr notice.
  • There cannot be more than two make-ups within one month.
  • Make-up sessions will only be provided in case of inclement weather, illness or pre- arranged vacation or holidays.
  • Make-up sessions are provided based on Campus availability and needs to be rescheduled within the week the class was missed.
  • Make-ups do not roll over or accrue to future semesters, if a make-up class is not completed before the end of the semester the class is forfeited.
  • Make-up classes will not be given as credit towards other programs or camps and do not have monetary value.
  • Make-up sessions will not be provided when there is a violation of a cancellation policy or for no-shows.

  • Cancellation Policy for Edison Club Memberships

  • Edison Club cancellation policies are subject to the Edison Club contract guidelines.
  • What is the Zaniac policy for refunds?

    Refund Policy for After-School Programs

  • Reimbursements will only be made after the first session of the first month of registration.
  • Zaniac reserves the right to charge $70.00 for the first class. Reimbursements take 8- 10 business days to appear on customer's credit card.
  • For cash/check payments only, reimbursements will be made via check within 5 business days of cancellation.

  • Zaniac Summer Camp Cancellation Policy

    • All camp cancellations must be received in writing.
    • Cancellations on or before April 30th, 2019 will be refunded with a cancellation fee of $75.
    • Cancellations made after April 30th, 2019 and before May 25th, 2019, we will issue you a credit for the product/program purchased, this credit will have a one year expiration date from the date of purchase. Your credit is transferable to any family member.
    • Cancellations after May 25th, 2019 regardless of your registration date will not be refunded or credited. However, you may change the date or program of use; changes in enrolled weeks are based on availability. It is understood that no credit will be given for absences (medical or otherwise), family vacations, transportation delays or withdrawal.