Computer Programming

Students work with Zaniac instructors to learn coding and real-world skills that software developers use every day. Go from true beginner to writing custom programs and games in Java, all while having a blast along the way. Coding has never been so cool.

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Become A Master!

  • App Creation
  • Web Design
  • Coding II
  • Intro to Coding I
  • Java
  • Python

Students Receive a Mastery Certificate Upon Completion of the Progression

Computer Programming!

Class Details:

  • Semester long classes meet 90 minutes once a week.
  • Monthly Tuition every 4 weeks.
  • Low ratio of 6 students or less per instructor.
  • Create projects that can be shared online with friends and family.
  • Personal progress emails after every class from your instructor.
  • Peer-based instruction and a fun atmosphere — Learn and build with friends.
  • Access Scratch and Python at home to keep working after completion of the program.
  • For grades K-8.

Class Hourly Schedule:

Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri: 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm
Wed: 2:30 pm, 4:15 pm and 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm

Check campus Schedule for class availabilityor call our campus305.668.0605

Mastery Progression

Coding Junior:
Intro to Coding I (K-8)

Students learn programming skills while creating their own games and music videos. Zaniac’s instructors introduce basic programming concepts like sequences, loops, iterative development, and debugging using the coding application of Minecraft and Scratch, a block-based program developed at MIT.
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199

Coding Apprentice:
Coding II (K-8)

Students will learn more advance programming skills with Scratch. They will dive deeper into the concepts of interactive software design. Learn variables, ‘if, else’ statements, conditionals, operators, and more to create simple games, at the end of the semester they will be able to create their own animation, interactive game or video.
Pre-requisite: Intro to Coding I
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199

App Creation (K-8)

Students learn how to create new customized apps using App Inventor 2, a block-based, visual programming approach designed by MIT. They will explore event handlers, timers and database management.
Pre-requisite: Intro to Coding I and Coding I
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199

Coding Master:
Python (4-8)

Students are introduced to syntax-based programming. Students will learn lists, strings, conditions, how to draw animations and make the foundation of a platform game.
Pre-requisite: Intro to Coding I, Coding II and App Creation
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $249

Web Design (4-8)

Students explore layout strategies, color theory, responsive web design, usability and visual weight and use visual style guidelines, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and Weebly to create their own custom website.
Pre-requisite: Intro to Coding I, Coding II and App Creation.
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $249

Coding Pro:
Java (5-8)

Students hone their programming skills by exploring Java programming. They will learn principles like variables, classes, methods, code efficiency and automation with a powerful ‘write once, run everywhere’ language. They create text-based adventure games.
Pre-requisite: Intro to Coding I, Coding II, App Creation and Python.
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $249