Game Based Learning

At Zaniac, we use Minecraft as a tool to teach real world math, science and technology skills. Through Minecraft we reinforce and introduce math, science and engineering concepts and teach students to explore and understand how these concepts apply in the real world. Kids learn with their peers in a fun team format while developing critical reasoning skills such as; problem solving, communication, team work, creativity and productivity.

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gbl Fall 2015

Become A Master!

  • Minecraft™ Exploration
  • All About Building
  • Atomic Theory - Chemistry
  • Biosphere & Geography Explorers
  • Industry & Production
  • Newton's World with Redstone
  • Planet Rescue

Students Receive a Mastery Certificate Upon Completion of the Progression

Game Based Learning: Science, Math and Engineering!

Class Details:

  • Semester long classes meet 90 minutes once a week.
  • Monthly Tuition every 4 weeks.
  • Low ratio of 6 students or less per instructor.
  • Use Zaniac’s custom- configured MinecraftEdu server.
  • Trade Crafting tips and learn new techniques.
  • Personal progress emails after every class from your instructor.
  • Peer-based instruction and a fun atmosphere — Learn and build with friends.
  • For grades K-8.

Class Hourly Schedule:

Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri: 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm
Wed: 2:30 pm, 4:15 pm and 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm

Check campus Schedule for class availability or call our campus 305.668.0605

Mastery Progression

Minecraft Junior:
Biosphere & Geography Explorers (K-4)

Students learn about biodiversity by exploring different biomes, gravity, speed, area and volume, renewable and non-renewable resources, Cartesian coordinates and how to use them to navigate. On the second part of this course they learn Geography, including continents, countries and cities and how biomes differ depending on the geographic area; how they affect living conditions and how we adapt to them. All this while working together with friends to accomplish group missions and playing the game they love.
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199

Minecraft Apprentice:
All About Building (1-6)

Students learn the basics of urban planning, architectural and building design. They can explore real-world architectural landmarks through Google Maps & Street View, then take that knowledge and apply it to designing a cityscape using Minecraft. They learn about map making and are challenged to design an entire city equipped with all services, connecting road systems, water supply, while utilizing crafting and building skills.
Pre-requisite: Biosphere & Geography Explorers
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199

Planet Rescue (1-6)

Students learn to become an environmentally conscious generation of city planners through the basics of urban planning, architecture and building design. They understand the importance of sustainability, resource management, learn about rapid urban growth, electric sustainability, scarcity of water, and the need to bridge supplies to cities. They learn to design and build while bringing their miniature ecofriendly community together. In the second part of this course they learn about natural disasters the planet often faces: fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, flooding and rising water levels due to Global Warming. They explore and research ways to build dwellings and cities that can withstand these challenges and keep cities and populations safe.
Pre-requisite: Biosphere & Geography Explorers
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199

Minecraft Master:
Universe Explorers (2-6)

Students learn about earth’s oceans and undersea life with the Oceancraft mod and explore space with the Galacticraft mod. They design and build rockets that travel to the moon, International Space Station, and even Mars where they attempt to terraform the planet, all while learning the science behind the universe and space exploration. They learn about the role of oxygen, water and bacteria to sustain life and they face different challenges and rescue missions to solve.
Pre-requisite: Biosphere & Geography Explorers
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199

Industry & Production (2-6)

Students explore the inner workings of manufacturing and heavy industry, ranging from baseline resource gathering to advanced metal production. With the simplified tools provided by Minecraft, students set up working and powered facilities dedicated to creating products from raw materials, and a logistics network that can quickly and efficiently move items to where they are needed.
Pre-requisite: Biosphere & Geography Explorers and All About Building
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199

Minecraft Pro:
Newton’s World with Redstone (4-8)

Students learn the science behind Liquid Physics, Electromagnetism, Newton’s laws and Electricity and Pistons. Students encounter challenges that requires them to apply physics to identify the solution. After, students dive deeper into electrical engineering with Minecraft™ Redstone. Redstone is the circuit equivalent in Minecraft™ that allows campers to use electrical engineering concepts to create machines such as a clock or a calculator. Using their creativity and critical-thinking skills, students help scientists solve electrical challenges throughout the virtual laboratory to problem solve: Plan, Construct, Test, and Refine with a whole lot of fun added to it.
Pre-requisite: Biosphere & Geography Explorers and Universe Explorers
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199

Atomic Theory - Chemistry (4-8)

Students are introduced to chemistry concepts such as compounds, molecules atoms and elements. They explore and understand how they apply in the real world of Minecraft and problem-solve challenges created when chemical reactions with other compounds are detonated resulting in drastic consequences to their world. (Available January 2019)
Pre-requisite: Biosphere & Geography Explorers, Universe Explorers and Newton’s World with Redstone
Monthly 4 Week Tuition: $199