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Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators!

Zaniac’s 2019 Summer Labs are full of surprises and are ideal for children of all mastery levels. Our summer STEAM Labs are designed for children to research, explore, experiment, problem solve and create; empowering them to be the next generation of innovators. They have also been designed to fit varied students’ skill and experience levels, in order for everyone to learn, advance and be challenged. Our 2019 Summer Labs for Apprentice students are for those who have little or no experience in STEAM, and our Master Labs are for students who have intermediate or advanced experience in STEAM.

Our Summer Camp space is limited, so enroll today!

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Summer Camp

Summer Camps Run Weekly, May 28 - August 23

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  • Summer Camps Run Weekly, May 28 - August 23

    Zaniac Summer Camp Features:
    • Labs designed for students in K-8th grade.
    • Each Lab is tailored to your child’s STEAM interests.
    • Small camp sizes ensure an exceptional experience, maximum 6 students per instructor.
    • Our instructors are role models, who are specialize in STEAM, are fully trained and love to work with kids.
    • Labs are grouped and focused for your child’s age and/or mastery level. 
    • Free Zaniac T-shirt with and frisbee with every camp

    Program Selection:
    • Half-Day Campers choose 1 program in your selected session (am or pm)
    • Full-Day Campers choose 1 morning and 1 afternoon program

    Camp Details
    Full-Day Weekly Camps:
    • Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm
    • Tuition per Student $599 (May 28th and July 4th Week: $479)
    Half-Day Weekly Camps:
    • Hours: 9:00am-12:00pm or 1:00pm - 4:00pm
    • Tuition per Student $329 (May 28th and July 4th Week: $265)
    Extended Hours Available
    • Early Drop Off: 8:00am or 12:00pm
    • Late Pick Up: 1:00pm or 5:00pm
    • Additional Fees Apply

    Note: Nut free Campus. No lunch provided, pizza on Friday only. Full Day Campers are welcome to bring a sack lunch.

    Grades Pre_K-K

    Popular Camps for this age group include Robotics Apprentice Lab, Minecraft Apprentice Lab, Circuits Lab, Mechanics in Motion Lab, STEAM Quest Lab, Math, Reading and Coding Apprentice Lab.

    Grades 1-4

    Popular Camps include Robotics Apprentice and Master Lab, Minecraft Apprentice and Master Lab, Circuits Lab, Mechanics in Motion Lab, Coding Apprentice Lab, App Creation, Web Maker Apprentice, 3D Maker Lab, Fusion 360 I & II, Music Lab, Drones,Math, Reading and Chess and STEAM Quest Lab.

    Grades 5-8

    Popular Camps include all levels of the Minecraft, Robotics and Coding Labs, Music Lab, Drones, Aeronautical Lab, Fusion 360 I & II and Photoshop Labs.

    Zaniac Summer Camp Lab Descriptions

    Game-Based Learning: Minecraft Apprentice Lab
    Minecraft™ Biosphere Explorers Lab

    Grades K-4
    Calling all apprentice Minecraft players! Campers will learn and sharpen their Minecraft computer skills all while learning the science behind the Biosphere. They will learn about biodiversity by exploring different biomes, understand the importance of sustainability, resource management and much more.

    Minecraft™ Space Adventurers Lab

    Grades 1-5
    Commercial Space Travel may be just around the corner for this Zaniac generation. Campers are introduced to the International Space Station and space exploration through Galacticraft. Campers learn to build, prepare and launch a rocket. Stops at the Moon and Mars are part of our trip. And given our environmental consciousness, we throw in an extra challenge: Zaniac’s Space Junk Clean Up!

    Minecraft 7 Wonders Lab

    Grades 2-6
    Join us for an engineering tour around the World! In this program campers will learn about the 7 new and ancient architectural Wonders of the World, they will learn about the history, culture and the engineering it took to build them. They will build their own replicas in order to create the 7 Wonders of Minecraft. Each day campers explore one new and one ancient architectural landmark ranging from Egypt, Babylon, Ancient Greece, Rome, India, Mexico, Peru and Jordan.

    Minecraft™ Urban Adventurers Lab

    Grades 1-5
    Zaniac’s Minecraft Urban Adventurers Lab is designed to groom an environmentally conscious generation of planners through the basics of urban planning, architecture and building design. Campers learn about rapid urban growth, electric sustainability, scarcity of water, and the need to bridge supplies to cities. Campers learn to design and build while bringing their miniature ecofriendly community together.

    Game-Based Learning: Minecraft™ Masters Lab
    Minecraft™ Industry and Production Lab

    Grades 2-5
    Students explore the inner workings of manufacturing and heavy industry, ranging from baseline resource gathering to advanced metal production. With the simpli ed tools provided by Minecraft, students set up working and powered facilities dedicated to creating products from raw materials, and a logistics network that can quickly and e ciently move items to where they are needed.

    Minecraft™ Redstone Lab I

    Grades 4-8
    Game-Based Learning using MinecraftTM Redstone includes challenges that converge physics and engineering. Campers will learn about Newton’s laws, physics of liquids while understanding concepts of electricity with Redstone. Redstone is the circuit equivalent in MinecraftTM that allows campers to use electrical engineering concepts to create machines such as a clock or a calculator. Using their creativity and critical-thinking skills, campers will help scientists solve electrical challenges throughout the virtual laboratory.

    Minecraft™ Redstone Lab II

    Grades 4-8
    In this second part of the Game-Based Learning Redstone program, campers will work with advanced electrical engineering challenges that deal with logic puzzles to overcome roadblocks. The engineering design process is a reoccurring theme in this lab; as students design, build and test various types of machines, mob arenas and put their map making skills to the test.

    Minecraft™ Atomic Theory Lab

    Grades 4-8
    In Minecraft Atomic Theory campers will be introduced to the world of chemistry! Campers will learn about atoms, molecules, properties of elements, chemical reactions through various Minecraft challenges, recipes and chemistry-based activities.

    Design Apprentice Lab
    3D Maker Lab

    Grades 3-6
    What does it take to become an inventor? 3D Maker Lab will engage campers with online digital creations of 3D models and teach them how to design pieces for 3D Printing using Autodesk TinkerCad. Students will be immersedin the engineering and design process, printing their own unique and exciting ideas and turning them into a reality.

    Design Masters Lab
    Music Lab

    Grades 5-8
    Music Lab with Garage BandTM celebrates music by teaching kids how to create exciting beats using Garage BandTM. Music Lab is the perfect primer for beginners who want to learn the basics of one of the most popular and accessible DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) programs out there.

    Fusion 360 Lab I & II

    Grades 5-8
    Fusion 360 is an advance 3D Printing tool and it’s the rst 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool of its kind, connecting the entire product development process into one cloud-based platform. In this Fusion 360 I & II Lab campers will be introduced to advance 3D printing and designing technics. Zanaic’s Fusion 360 helps campers prepare for the future of design!

    Photoshop Lab

    Grades 5-8
    This course introduces students to the world of photography and design. Campers will understand the basics of photoshop to turn a regular photo into a work of art! They will work with layers, enhance images through color correction, edit out scratches from old photos or change the mood on a picture. They will begin to understand how to use lters to manipulate forms and shapes and to export and use their images on videos or movies. With this program campers will learn how to get professional photography results through exploration and creativity!

    Engineering Apprentice Lab
    Mechanics in Motion Lab

    Grades K-3
    There is just enough hands-on building to keep the younger learners moving, but at the same time, we will be spending time figuring out how to get machines to make work easier for humans. Brings in the problem solving and critical thinking into equation. Students will learn the principles of Robotics with levers, inclined planes, pulleys, and screws and build motorized mechanisms in teams.

    Bots Ignite Lab

    Grades 1-4
    Zaniac’s Robotics Ignite LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Camp is designed for campers who are no strangers to LEGO®, but who are ready to immerse in the world of Robotics and learn how the basics of how to build and program robots. Mechanics in Motion is a pre- requisite for this lab.

    Battles Bots Lab

    Grades 1-5
    Keeping it safe and keeping it fun, campers in Battle Bots Lab with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® will research, design and build futuristic cyborgs, ferocious dinosaurs, and ghting robots incorporating features like motion sensitivity, functional claws and wheels and legs that keep them on the move to participate in the ultimate battle.

    Engineering Masters Lab
    Megabots Lab

    Grades 4-8
    Keeping it safe and keeping it fun, students in Zaniac’s Megabots LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Camp will research, design and build futuristic cyborgs, ferocious dinosaurs, and animal looking robots incorporating features like motion sensitivity, functional claws, and hands that grab and lift objects, and wheels and legs that keep them on the move. Students learn the principles of Robotics and Programming.

    Marine Bots Lab

    Grades 3-6
    Water robotics is what this camp is all about! Students will design, build and program robots that will be submerged in a mini pool and solve challenges like swimming across the pool, rescuing objects from the bottom and much more. Campers will learn principles of robotics, programming, and teamwork.

    Programming Bots Challenge Lab

    Grades 4-8
    This is an advance Robotics Programming Challenge where campers will be able to expand on their programming skills to solve robotic challenges through coding. They will have to program their robot to navigate through courses, mazes and identifying obstacles by using & coding sensors to overcome these obstacles.

    Drones Lab: Engineering takes Flight

    Grades 5-8
    The intersection of engineering and computer science takes ight with Drones! In Engineering Takes Flight, campers learn about drones and will use creativity and critical-thinking skills to successfully engineer the design and code behind two drone models. Students will discuss nature’s in uence on the technology and the design of drones. Students explore physics and geometry to understand how the anatomy of a drone supports its course of ight and how to program their drone with block programming commands to pilot their drone’s ight path. By combining these concepts, students will complete a variety of hands-on challenges and understand the real- world applications of drone technology.

    Aeronautical Lab

    Grades 5-8
    Campers will explore a whole new universe by creating and managing their own space program. They learn aerospace engineering, the physics of space travel, orbital mechanics and much more by designing, testing, and launching airplanes and rockets to complete a series of missions.

    Circuits Lab

    Grades Pre-K-1
    Zaniac’s Circuits Lab is a fantastic introduction to the world of electronics. With LittleBitsTM, campers learn about basic inputs, outputs, analogs, electricity, and more. Students build prototypes of their own inventions exploring the world through the lens of easy-to-build magnetic circuits.

    Tinker & Code Lab

    Grades 5-8
    The microcontroller is a fascinating piece of technology created by humans and it is all around us, they were inspired by the brain! Programming Electronics Camp introduces students to this wonderful creation. With open source hardware, students learn programming logic through hands-on hardware projects, work with sensors to explore the science of light and sound, and build creatively with motors, wires, and real circuit boards.

    Coding Lab
    Wonder Lab

    Grades Pre-K-K
    Zaniac’s Wonder Lab is design for our youngest of campers to spark their natural curiosity in STEAM through play by using LEGO DUPLO bricks in conjunction with coding express a program developed by LEGO Education. Coding Express uses playful faces, storytelling activities, and hands-on activities to help them develop social and emotional skills.

    Coding Apprentice Lab I + II

    Grades 1-4
    Zaniac’s Coding Apprentice Lab o ers two introductory levels to coding. It starts with Apprentice Coder with Scratch for the true beginners when nished they can sign up for Apprentice Coder II. In these two camps, they learn basic computer programming skills such as sequences, loops, iterative development, and debugging using a modern, block-based approach. Students create fun animations, videos and games.

    Coding Creation Lab III

    Grades 3-6
    In Zaniac’s Creation Lab III campers will apply all the concepts learned on Coding I & II to create their own animation or interactive game. They will have to concept their entire game, including setting, story, characters, dialogue and game play.

    App Maker Lab

    Grades 2-4
    Learn basic computer programming techniques while building a simple Android-based mobile phone or tablet game using MIT App Inventor. Learn and use real development techniques like event handlers, timers, lists, database management, and script generation to go from concept to a functional application that is yours to keep.

    Python Coder Lab

    Grades 5-8
    Given how many of the common functionalities that programmers need are already built into this programming language, Python is a fantastic language for intermediate coders ready to transfer programming ideas into instructions that the machine can interpret. Python Coder Lab takes your young coders to this next level.

    Java Coder Lab

    Grades 5-8
    This is the perfect camp with students at an intermediate level of coding and a drive to create! Campers learn the basics of Java, a “write once, run everywhere” language. Explore principles like variables, classes, methods, code e ciency, and automation, all while building a text adventure game, a calculator, and more.

    Web Maker Apprentice Lab

    Grades 4-8
    In Web Design camp, students create their own website, going from concept to functional hosted site. Campers will learn the basics of the HTML5 and CSS3 web languages, layout strategies, color theory, and responsive web design. Start by brainstorming your initial concept, wireframing a template in Moqups, building in Weebly, and tweaking the HTML and CSS to dial in the design. Web Design students also learn about site maintenance, including UX feedback, testing, updates, domain management, and hosting.

    Web Maker Master with JavaScript Lab

    Grades 5-8
    Make things happen on a web page! Understand the programming language of JavaScript and become a website developer in training. Watch what you can make happen on a web page with JavaScript and how to use it to alter HTML coding. Change text and images on a website. Run calculations. Write expressions and learn how to use pop-ups. Understand what parts of a website use JavaScript, enhance your skills reading and writing JavaScript, and know how JavaScript a ects a website.

    Scholars Lab
    Zane Math

    Grades Pre-K - 8
    Our fun- lled approach to math (you can draw on our glass walls!) keeps you eager to come to camp every day! We customize a math program for your child from our 14,000 math problem database based on your child’s individual Math Assessment.

    Zane Reading

    Grades K - 6
    This Summer your child can enjoy a motivating rewards-based approach to reading science-based non ction & earn tokens to watch cool science videos & read science-magazines! Our reading camp uses an award-winning program from Readorium that will increase vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension skills, improve strategic-thinking & study skills while developing a love for books!

    Chess with the Knight School

    Grades Pre-K - 6
    Zaniac and the Knight School join forces to bring back Chess, a summer camp favorite! The Knight School has perfected the art of teaching chess to young kids in a fun and engaging way and this sum- mer you can join them at Zaniac.

    STEAM Quest Lab
    STEAM Quest Lab

    Grades 1 - 4
    In Zaniac’s Hands-On STEAM students will dive into science and engineering exploration activities to bust science myths. Each day they will conduct and experiment in a di erent science eld, such as; biology, chemistry, physics and engineering. Join us and put your science theories to the test!

    Our Summer Camp Lab space is limited, so enroll today!

    Cancellation & Credit Policy ZANIAC Summer Camp 2019
    • All camp cancellations must be received in writing.
    • Cancellations on or before April 30th, 2019 will be refunded with a cancellation fee of $75.
    • Cancellations made after April 30th, 2019 and before May 25th, 2019, we will issue you a credit for the product/program purchased, this credit will have a one year expiration date from the date of purchase. Your credit is transferable to any family member.
    • Cancellations after May 25th, 2019 regardless of your registration date will not be refunded or credited. However, you may change the date or program of use; changes in enrolled weeks are based on availability. It is understood that no credit will be given for absences (medical or otherwise), family vacations, transportation delays or withdrawal.