Zane Math

Build confidence & real academic advantage using a breakthrough approach

At Zaniac, we believe that all children can learn and become excited about math in the right environment. We build on the great work teachers do in the classroom to support your child where she or he needs it most. With Zane Math, your student will experience a world-class curriculum coordinated with what she or he is studying in school. This makes it easy to extend the lessons learned at Zaniac to the classroom. In fact, the backbone of Zane Math is custom software that allows Zaniac to create a program to best fit your child’s needs.

Forget the drills and repetition associated with traditional tutoring. Zane Math engages your child in creative, conceptual problem solving in a fun environment. Kids who need extra attention in an area get it, and children who are not challenged enough come here for the chance to work ahead and engage at a higher level. Enroll

Zane Math Features

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