I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. Having Aliyah involved with Zaniac has had more impact than you can imagine. Not only is she excelling at Math over the past year, directly because of working with Damaris and your program, she has become more academically confident and more enthusiastic about Math and Science. These are gifts that will stay with her for a very long time. I'm really excited that Aliyah will now be able to enjoy Zaniac at school. I really hope that many more kids are exposed to your program and will reap the benefits from it that Aliyah did.
So simply, thank you for everything 'til now and for what's coming. Hope to see you sooner than later!”
— Marjan K.
London has learned concepts at Zaniac that his teacher have said are beyond the scope of the lesson plans. He is always excited to come to class and share what he learned in his last Zaniac lesson., This experience has made Science so fun for him that I think he forgets sometimes that he is learning! Thank you, Zaniac!”
— Luther B.
Great birthday party! Everything was set up when we arrived, cute decorations and well run by the staff. Thanks! ”
— Holly H.
Highly recommend! Terrific teachers and high value classes.The staff is very accommodating with our flexible schedule. Most important is their support and encouragement of my daughter in her interest in coding.”
— Michael S.
My kids LOVE Zaniac! I don't think they even realize they are learning while they are having fun! ”
— Andrea D.
When Marcia got her first A in math it changed her whole attitude towards school, not just math. Thank You Zaniac!”
— Peter Z.
Evie actually enjoys learning math now!”
— Ariel F.
We are loving Zaniac!!! Cory is enjoying it tremendously. ”
— Lea P.
Emma and Connor loved the Minecraft camp today, and told us that they had so much fun with Ryan. I wasn’t sure about having them play Minecraft for the day, but Emma told us all that she had learned about architecture, natural resources and resource scarcity from the camp. Knowing that they would get to play Minecraft during their breaks made them even more excited to go to math camp today! Thanks for making learning fun for our kids.”
— Janice U.
I really appreciate the time and effort that you invested in our son, Sam. Not only did you provide great education to him but fantastic feedback to us as parents. We, like most parents, think our children are exceptional but you confirmed it for us.”
— Beth H.
We love the way that Susan can sign online from anywhere and download everything she needs to pick up where she left off.”
— Garrett C.
I wanted to let you know that Bajian has been raving about the class; how much fun she had with you and how she enjoyed learning new math skills. This morning, she explained the decimal placement and brought her homework to school to do during recess!!! Thank you for your help and making math fun.”
— Robin W.
I LOVE the email follow ups and direct links to assessments”
— Cindy L.
Thanks, Alex. You are wonderful, and I truly appreciate your extra effort with Hayden today.”
— Jen H.

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