Working Mother: Yes, You CAN Start a Business with Your Bestie

By Marisa LaScala,

Two working moms show it's possible to be partners in business and best friends in life.

When Flavia Naslausky and Camilla Gazal met at a baby shower, they discovered they had a lot in common. They were both moms raising families in Connecticut while working in finance. "Flavia and I bonded immediately," Camilla says. "We were both Brazilian and hard-working mothers with very young kids." When they realized they were both looking to leave the financial industry, they started to toy around with the idea of opening a business together.

"It was really our children that gave us the idea for a new business," explains Flavia. "Both Camilla and I are math oriented and wanted our kids to excel in math and science. I started to reinforce my kids' math education at home. It was also a way to spend more time with them. I made it fun, project-based and dynamic. When I realized my kids were improving academically as they enjoyed learning, Camilla and I thought about opening a STEM/languages center in our community." The result: Zaniac, an enrichment program that builds a curriculum around toys and games that kids already love, like LEGO and Minecraft.

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Working Mother: Yes, You CAN Start a Business with Your Bestie