Mommy Nearest: Must Do—Zaniac on the Upper East Side

By Allison Cooper,

If your little one is interested in math, computers and technology, a trip to Zaniac should be on your to-do list. Hidden on the third floor of an unsuspecting building on the Upper East Side, numbers whizzes' gather to master skills that will make them the great thinkers and doers of the future. Here's why you'll want to check it out.

Learn while you play

Our son is seven and into anything that has to do with gaming and apps, and while I fought it for a while and wanted him to develop more of an interest in sports, I have finally let go and and let him be his own person. Plus, technology is the way of the world, so fostering these skills that he already has an interest in definitely puts him at an advantage in the future! Zaniac, which was created to engage kids in the K to 8 grade levels with these interests, gives them the skills they need to create a better future. The facility houses 15 computers, keeping classes intimate and very hands-on. Zaniac keeps the ratio to five students or less per instructor, giving kids ample opportunity to ask questions and get the attention they need for learning these new concepts.

Master of technique

Branden chose to take the Game-Based Learning: Minecraft class since Minecraft is one of his favorites. Despite the fact that it is a video game, it teaches kids math and science concepts while having fun and learning new techniques. As kids master each level, there are more difficult Game-Based Learning classes that they can take, each building on the skills learned in the previous class. An added bonus is that each parent receives personal progress emails after the completion of each class. Our little guy had the absolute best time and didn’t want to leave whenever the class was over. He couldn’t wait to get home though to apply the skills that he learned during class to his personal Minecraft game.

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Mommy Nearest: Must Do—Zaniac on the Upper East Side