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An after-school program unlike anything you and your kids have ever experienced!

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Zaniac Membership is right for your child
if you are a parent who wants …

Academic Achievement

Personalized Academic Enrichment focused on Math, Reading and/or Homework Help when your child needs it. Progress Reports after every class.

Technology Skills
Master our technology progressions in Computer Programming, Game-Based Learning, Engineering, and Art & Design. Customize your child’s technology learning path. Prepare your child with the skills and language of the 21st century.

A Smart After-School Care Solution
Ideal for 1 to 5 days a week of after-school care. Ongoing enrollment in a Math, Reading or Technology Program or affordable Homework Help. Progress Reports after every class.

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Why become a Zaniac Member?

The perfect choice for parents who are looking for an enriching after-school solution.

Zaniac Membership is designed to make a real difference in your child’s performance at school and confidence level while giving you a flexible, cost-effective and smart after-school care solution.

Benefits of the Zaniac Membership:

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What’s in you Zaniac membership?

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