LA Parent: Zaniac Brings Play-Based STEM to Santa Monica

By Erin Mahoney Harris,

STEM learning is all the rage these days, and its eponymous subjects – science, technology, engineering and math – have enormous potential for engaging learners in meaningful and rewarding enrichment. Zaniac taps into that capacity with its after-school centers in eight states throughout the U.S. In February, Zaniac opened its first California learning center in Santa Monica.

Zaniac’s founders set out to create a place where kids in kindergarten through eighth grade can have fun and make friends while learning about math and technology. Helmed by veteran video game marketer Tracy Williams, the Santa Monica center certainly delivers on that promise, offering programs involving LEGO robotics, Minecraft, 3D printing, digital fashion design, and computer programming.

Willams has staffed her learning center with brainy, enthusiastic high school and college students, giving them the opportunity to engage, tutor and inspire elementary and middle school kids in the disciplines they themselves are passionate about learning.

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LA Parent: Zaniac Brings Play-Based STEM to Santa Monica