What Parents Say About Zaniac

By Zaniac Asheville,

Kids love Zaniac. We love Zaniac. And Parents love it too! Here's what they are saying!


The Henderson County Education Foundation utilized Zaniac curriculum and instructors to facilitate our first ever Discover STEM camp for girls this past summer, in June 2019. The team of all-female instructors brought incredible knowledge to the room of 4th and 5th grade girls, as well as energy and enthusiasm. They were able to capture their attention for a 4-hour morning session of coding, which is not an easy feat! Additionally, they challenged and engaged the Henderson County Public Schools’ educators and taught them many new schools. The communication with Zaniac in preparation of the camp was prompt and detailed, so when we walked into camp on the first day, everything was all set. One additional plus is Zaniac came to our site, which made it accessible to our staff and students. We highly recommend the Zaniac team, and plan to use them for future STEM camps. Summer Stipe, Executive Director

Edison Club & A Difference in School Performance

We have been attending Zaniac since it opened. We are definitely early adopters when it comes to tech and this has been a perfect fit. This school year we cut back on our hours trying to save money and use the school program instead. The school program is great but they can't offer what Zaniac does. We are starting to see a shift down in the academic performance of one of our children. We are definitely reevaluating our schedules and looking at how we can add more time at Zaniac. What the programs offer is so much more then just STEM, it's a confidence and strength in many of their subjects. The unique way that they encourage an interest in tough topics is worth every penny. - Christy Lemyre

Zaniac Asheville is the best possible choice for after-school activities. It provides a stimulating and interactive environment for children to hone their reading, math and science skills without sacrificing the fun element that keeps them engaged. The instructors are friendly, enthusiastic and caring. The administrators do a wonderful job of communicating with students and parents. The hours are convenient for working parents who need a reliable resource for after-school, snow days, early release days & school break care. My daughter has attended Zaniac for 2 1/2 years & asks to join the class beyond her scheduled weekdays. She leaves Zaniac each day happy, with lots of exciting details to share about how the afternoon was spent. Our family gives Zaniac Learning an A+! - DeDe Souza

Our son is in first grade and loves going to Zaniac for Edison club. He has especially enjoyed the science courses but also loves the LEGO engineering and robotics courses. The classes are very small so the kids get a lot of hands on time with the instructors and the courses are structured with a great balance of learning and hands on activities. The staff is extremely friendly, helpful and invested in your child getting the most out of his/her chosen program. We highly recommend them as an after school program that is enriching and fun. - Sasha Stipanovich

Our daughter begs us to go to Zaniac camps! She loves it because she’s empowered to use her imagination and creativity. We love our Edison package! - Lindsay Stafford

My son insisted that I “find a place on the internet where he could leave a great review of Zaniac.”

His review: “Zaniac is awesome. I think that everyone there is nice, and I think that you’ll love going to Zaniac too!”

As the parent, I too, only have great things to say about Zaniac. Zaniac is staffed by attentive teachers with interests similar to those of it’s students, the role they serve best is as facilitators of an environment that promotes an interest in learning, and peer collaboration. - Sam Howell

"We were doing multiplication in small groups and when they finished, I checked their work. Laney did a great job and even did extra work that we hadn't covered yet. She showed me the long division she had done and I said, 'Wow! Good job!' She then told me that she had gone to Zaniac in the summer and learned lots during the Math camp."- Ingrid Rotllan, 3rd grade Bilingual Teaching Assistant at Avery's Creek

A Confidence Boost

“Tyler's progress report from the end of 6th grade showed that he is in need of more tutoring to catch up to the 7th grade level.  Therefore I will be putting him in another 6 -week class in early August when we get back from July trip.  We are happy Zanaic Learning has led to a large confidence boost.  Thank you for everything and see you in August!”—Richard C Herdrich Jr "

“Our daughter went in with low confidence in her math abilities. She often talks about how she's not good at math. We were blown away today at her first Zane Math session. It was super specialized and she was truly excited to learn in this fun way!”Jill Schwarzkopf

Independent Thinking

“My daughter attended the Game-Based Learning Minecraft camp last week and LOVED it! She is 9 and has two older brothers who also play the game. The camp really gave her the confidence to play in survival mode and compete with her brothers. Might seem unimportant - but to her it is a big deal. Lynne and all the staff were so welcoming. She takes a personal interest in each child and parent. This is not a daycare like other summer camps. I also like the way they make the children responsible for signing themselves in and out - not to mention the use of technology to check in. No paper sign in. Bravo Zaniac!” Kelli Brown Mullinix

“Amanda really enjoyed the tinkering class.  We purchased a set of the Little Bits and have been doing projects at home.  I am surprised at her ability to independently problem solve and her creativity using the system. She also enjoys being the "teacher" for family members. She has a good grasp on the practical application of concepts learned in the tinkering class.” —Joanne Latta

“My son loved Tinkering camp! He learned tons of new terms and concepts, and was proud of how he used logic to solve problems rather than just following cookbook-type instructions to build circuits. The teachers were friendly and knowledgeable, and I was very grateful for the daily notes home explaining what the kids learned from each activity. It was fun picking Mitchell up each afternoon and having him proudly show me the Lego house he made and wired, the electric guitar built from construction paper, and the car with working door lights. We're so glad you came to Asheville, and can't wait to try another camp!”Kim Wood Cohen

“Quinn had a great time last week! He even came home and spent much of his time at home doing the take home worksheets to work on his own computer. He loved it! Thanks so much for a great week! We'll see you next week too!  Beth Roberts

“Paige and Liv loves their time at Zaniac. Liv, 7- "I loved it! It's fun, you get to do 3D printing. I learned a lot of new things." Paige, 9 - "It was so fun. I loved 3D printing, being able to design my own clothes. The instructors are really nice." Both have come home from their Zaniac experience and immediately jumped back into the activities they were involved in during their camp. They were excited to show us their creations and everything they learned. Thank you for everything and we will be sure to be back!” Meagan Harris

Fun Entertainment in a Learning Environment

“My boys, 8 and 10, loved Zaniac. We participated in 3D Printing early in the summer. We have another week scheduled for Minecraft and STEM. My children wanted to arrive as soon as the camp opened, and did not want to be picked up until the latest I could pick them up. The staff was enthusiast and on top of their game. It was an awesome experience for my technologically savvy family.—Amanda Willhoite Teague

“Jack loved his first week so much he is back this week! He really liked his instructor, Jack, as well. I am not sure there is anything that you should do differently or better because all we heard were glowing reviews from our son.” —Jamie Turner

Our granddaughter had a BLAST at Zaniac for the past two weeks! She was all smiles when she got back to the house today after her last class … Bob & I can’t wait till next summer when she joins us again for her 2 week vacation so she can attend ZANIAC! Knowing Kaylee, she will be teaching classes @ Zaniac before we know it! We are grateful to you and all your staff!!! Bob & Linda Swanson

Jake and Luke had a fantastic time at camp last week. They very much enjoyed the staff and activities at Zaniac. Thank you for your fun and engaging classes. We are on vacation this week, however, I look forward to registering the boys for more classes in the near future.  Many thanks again and all the best to you and the Zaniac team! Melissa Beun

Lily LOVED the camp. We can't say enough about how great the experience was. We will be back!!!  Thank you for an amazing week. Evelyn Beckee

My 6 year old son and 8 year old daughter went to 3D printing camp at Zaniac for a week. It far exceeded my expectations in so many ways. My kids had such a great time that they were jumping out of the barely stopped car to get inside each morning! After each day of camp they couldn't get their words out fast enough to tell me all of the things they learned/made at camp. They created so many projects over the course of just one week and were able to tell me exactly what steps they took to create their 3D pieces! They've continued creating projects at home and are now teaching me!! I love that they've had fun learning a very relevant skill! —Sandy Fox Morton

“Sam loved his experience. He wants me to cancel other day camps so he can return to Zaniac for another course. He was sad to conclude the very fun week. Sam gives his Zaniac week five stars and two thumbs up.” —Anna Durham

“My son and daughter went to parents’ night out and had a blast! We are loving our classes at Zaniac too! So thankful Zaniac is in Asheville!”Krista Nelson

“Wyatt had a wonderful time at Zaniac. He didn't want to leave each time we picked him up. He also didn't want camp to end. He hasn't given me much detail as to what he learned, but talked about building things and destroying them, which is one of his favorite things to do. He will be back!”—Terra Marshall

“Paul had a great experience last week in STEM quest. He seemed excited about what he learned and was able to do. He wanted to come early and leave late every day. He will be in camp again this week doing Minecraft MODS. Thank you for the opportunity to give you feedback. I have certainly recommended this to friends.”  Diana Curran

My grandson, Philip, loved his time at Zaniac.  Unfortunately, he lives in Atlanta.  He spends time with us in the summer.  He has already talked about the classes he would like to take next summer. You have a great program, a quality staff, and an attractive facility. Thank you. Lucy Greene

"Thank you Lynne and Reed for such a wonderful Birthday Party for Landen! He had the best time and he already can't wait until next year to do it again! You made it so easy for me as a parent, and you made my baby so happy! Win Win! Thank you! We love Zaniac!"  Krista Norris

Personalized Attention

"My son went for the first time to Parents' Night Out and had a blast. The staff are intriguing, friendly and loving." - Avon Sherman

“Zaniac has been a fun way for our daughter to brush up on her academic skills this summer. She's had such a great experience this summer that we've decided to continue through the school year, so she can try out all of the classes! The staff are so kind, patient and well informed about what/how the kiddos are doing and what they're accomplishing. Love it.See you guys tomorrow!—Alisha Audeh

"My children did a week of summer camp at Zaniac and loved it. They both did half day and my son was begging me to stay for a full day. He was so intrigued by the 3D Printing process. Every day he learned how to design something new and then it was waiting for him when he arrived the next day, after being printed overnight! I was really impressed with the way they were able to identify my daughter's interests and find something that would captivate her as well. She is less interested in technology and STEM activities, yet they had her building stages with Legos & working lights and videoing a play that she created herself. The staff is very friendly and professional. I knew my children were in good hands."—Stephanie Carden Corcoran

“My girls loved their experiences at Zaniac this summer. It's an incredibly welcoming and safe environment and felt that they were very well cared for. Both loved being immersed in STEM experiences that they were incredibly excited to share with us when they got home. They were beyond excited for Zaniac every morning. (STEM exploration & Fashion Design Camp) I would highly recommend Zaniac!” —Meagan Harris

“Compared to the other STEM-focused day camps, Zaniac had the best facilities, equipment, organization and staff.  Sarah said the instructors were much more knowledgeable and had more advanced computer skills.  Sarah enjoyed the Minecraft section the most. I appreciated the flexible hours for drop off and pick up.” —Jim Clark

“My 6 year old child Zachary is loving Robotics camp.’ Mom, camp was so cool. I got to build a robot with my mind not a diagram. We used simple machines like levers and pulleys. You know mom, a wedge is a big long, triangle like a door stop.’ It's so exciting to have your child excited about learning. I highly recommend the camps. The small child teacher ratio is great!”Kirsten Tierney Cone

“Our 7-year old son had an amazing time at Parent's night out. Staff tailored the night to his needs and made sure he had a fantastic time. He didn't want to leave at the end of the night. This was a great way to keep him engaged and give us a night out. Thank you Zaniac!”Samantha Krulewitz Kappalman

David’s words are "great" "awesome" "I hope that I can do that again!" He came home every day talking about all that he was learning! As a parent, I really appreciated the notes from the instructors each day.  It helped me engage him with specific details about the concepts being taught!  Boys can sometimes speak in very short sentences. We are so grateful that you are available in our community providing this type of education; it's fun and challenging! We are looking at other opportunities in the future that will work with our schedule! Thanks! Michele Gaines

New Friends

“My son attended Zaniac for parents’ night out last weekend. He was talking about it all weekend and really enjoyed the format and meeting new friends! Can't wait for the summer camp, he is super excited!”Aimee Bush

“We took both kids to Parents night out and they were beyond thrilled. Usually, our 9 year old daughter finds something to complain about, not this time! We were told this ‘was the best time we ever had. Can we go back tomorrow?’ Win/Win in our household! Madelyn & Tyler will definitely be regulars!”Brandi Ward Melvin

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What Parents Say About Zaniac