Why Zaniac

At Zaniac, K–8 kids discover math and technology and just how much fun learning can be. Forget drills and repetition. Zaniac’s fun enrichment programs engage kids in creative, conceptual problem solving that builds confidence and helps them succeed in school.

Our forward-thinking approach allows students to grasp math and logic concepts, which are fundamental to skills like computer programming, in a way that feels like play. Game-Based Learning using Minecraft™ capitalizes on the love kids already have for the game to teach concepts ranging from biology to physics. We use modular LEGO systems designed for education in our robotics courses to bridge the gap between theory and practice in engineering. And that’s just the beginning.

Zaniac’s courses teach 21st century skills and ignite every child’s imagination. Success starts here.

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Gain an academic advantage and learn 21st century skills with our award-winning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM) enrichment programs for K-8 grade kids. Join us for a program after-school or Saturdays, a camp during any school break, or a party on your child’s Birthday. Zaniac is open year-round. Drop in for a tour to experience our safe, educational and fun state-of-art technology campus! Ignite your child’s imagination and build confidence with Zaniac’s challenging curriculum, and enjoy small classes led by talented role model instructors. Join Zaniac’s community of STEAM kids with Edison Club, Zaniac’s Membership Program and Save! Read our parent and educator reviews!
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The Zaniac Difference

A Focus on Fun

Our forward-thinking approach allows students to grasp concepts that are fundamental to academic success in a way that feels like play. A key component of our approach to teaching is game-based learning. At Zaniac, we use MinecraftEdu to teach a myriad of different concepts ranging from physics to biology. Many kids already have an engrained love and passion for the game, which brings in elements problem solving that is key to building confidence and retaining information.

Experiential Learning

Hands-on STEM enrichment programs engage kids in creative, conceptual problem solving that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience - i.e. learning from experience. At Zaniac, lessons are structured to drive early access to technology with sustained independent use in subsequent lessons. Lessons are differentiated to allow classes with students at different levels the ability to try challenges at the appropriate level and also ensure fun and success.

Cutting-Edge Technology

From Game-Based Learning using Minecraft, to LEGO robotics systems, to littleBits magnetic circuitry, technology plays a key role in every course. STEM education is critical to the future success and prosperity of every child and our nation, and Zaniac always stays ahead of the technological curve by updating existing curricula to meet the latest standards, and incorporating fresh teaching tools as new technologies emerge.

Small Class Sizes & Peer Based Learning

A 5:1 student to instructor ratio allows kids to get the attention they need, while fostering collaboration and teamwork in a peer-based learning environment. Peer-to-peer learning is a natural advantage of the Zaniac program structure. As classes are grouped by program rather than age, there are opportunities for students participating at a more advanced level to share knowledge and guide other students through class challenges. Students are able to spontaneously collaborate with others whom they can identify and build positive relationships with which increases confidence, skills and attitudes.

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