Zaniac Can Help Your Child Love Math

By Zaniac Asheville,

Zane Math is the signature program at Zaniac! 

Things kids say!


I love math.

I hate math.

I am not good at math.

Math isn’t my subject.

Math is boring.

When will I ever use math, anyway?


We know the struggle some parents face when their child dislikes math or has a false belief that they can’t excel in math. A lack of self-confidence or a negative perception about math can impact your child’s math grades and ability to learn. At the same time, kids who excel at math may get bored because they aren’t challenged enough. At Zaniac, we aspire to change the negative perceptions children have about math. We get kids excited and engaged with math in a fun environment.


You may know Zaniac for our many technology programs … where children learn to code, print in 3D, program a robot or explore science with GBL: Minecraft. What you may not know about Zaniac is that our signature program is Zane Math. In fact, our comprehensive Zane Math curriculum is why Zaniac was founded.  Zane Math has a proven track record of getting children enthusiastic about math, improving their math grades, and increasing their confidence to succeed in school. With Zane Math, your child will experience a comprehensive curriculum specifically tailored to meet your child's needs. 

We achieve this by first having your child take a Free Math Assessment which shows how your child is doing in math and identifies concepts your child may already know, and concepts where your child can improve. Our Free Math Assessment takes about 30 minutes and can be completed with paper and pencil at home, or at our Zaniac campus.

Take the Free Math Assessment!

1. At Our Campus! If more convenient for you, let us manage your child’s Free Math Assessment at our Zaniac campus. Call us at 828.575.0355 or email us at to set up an appointment time.

2. Take it Online at Home. See instructions below.

To complete the Free Math Assessment at home, simply:

Step 1: Create an account for your child on our Zaniac website.

Step 2: Go to your parent desk and select your student.

Step 3: Click on generate recommended assessment.

Step 4: Print and have your child take the assessment.

Step 5: Enter the results into your child’s student account.

Step 6: Call us at 828.575.0355 or email us  to set up a time where we can review your child’s results and share our recommendations. 


Sign Up For Zane Math!

If you want your child to be excited about math, sign your child up for Zane Math! Our math program is designed for all kids--those who excel in math and those who find math challenging! We have 15 levels of math (in our 12,000 problem database) in our Zane Math Program. If your child needs math help, your child will receive a customized curriculum that will hone in on the math concepts where your child needs attention. If your child excels in math, we create a customized program specifically to engage your child.


Math is here to stay. When your child excels in math, it builds confidence that can extend to other subjects, interests and in life. Making the grade in math can help your child succeed in school and later get accepted to a college of his or her preference. Build confidence & real academic advantage using our breakthrough approach! 


What Others Say About Zane Math

This mom credits Zaniac with her daughter’s huge improvements in confidence and math abilities. Read our story about Elle and her Mom here! 

To learn more about Zane Math, Watch Our Zane Math Video! 

Zane Math is a proven curriculum that makes math fun again:

Master math concepts.

Get personalized instruction.

Excel in math by identifying math concepts your child may not know.

Improve your child’s test-taking ability.

Prevent your child from falling behind in math.

Improve your child’s grades.

Increase your child’s confidence in math and in general.

Enjoy peer-based learning, making math fun again.

Change your child’s mindset about math (no more groans!)

Spark an interest in math.

Zane Math Features:

Classes meet 90 minutes once a week for six weeks.

Low ratio of 5 students or less per instructor

A Free Math Assessment identifying concepts they already know and concepts where they can improve

Receive a customized, 100-page curriculum from our 12,000 problem database

Each concept ends with a milestone demonstrating concept mastery and showing weekly improvement

Personal progress emails after every class from the instructor

Peer-based instruction and a fun atmosphere — Learn with friends

A private parent meeting at the end of the program to review your child’s progress.

For grades K-8

Tuition: $299

Sign up for Zane Math!

  Zaniac Can Help Your Child Love Math