Zane Prep! Zaniac’s Tutoring Program!

By Zaniac Asheville,

Zane Prep: Offering Math, Reading and Homework Help Tutoring for your K-8 child.

Zane Prep helps your child achieve academic enrichment--either to help your child stay at the top of his/her class, or help your child keep up with peers.

Zane Prep is the solution for parents who want to ensure their children’s basic academic skills meet (and exceed) expectations by providing Math, Reading and Homework Help on an ongoing, monthly basis, including after-school and during school breaks. Zane Prep works because kids love learning from academic role models—high school and college honor students—closer to their age and still in school. 

Why Zane Prep

  • Turn your child’s grades around.
  • Your child can finish his/her year strong.
  • Reignite your child’s enthusiasm for learning.
  • Give your child an academic edge.
  • Keep your child at the top of her/his class.
  • Boost your child’s confidence.
  • Receive daily progress reports so you know exactly how your child is improving.

What is it?

Zane Prep is a rigorous and fun K–8 tutoring and enrichment program designed for both catching up and getting ahead. With enthusiastic and smart instructors, Zane Prep features Zane Math and Reading curriculum as well as Homework Help.

How does it work?

Zane Prep is a monthly recurring subscription that offers Zane MathReading and 12 hours of Homework Help per month. Students can participate in Zane Math and Zane Reading up to two times per week, 1.5 hours per session each week. Additionally, each student receives 12 Homework Help hours per month. That’s over 24 hours of tutoring per month. One instructor works with two to five students. Private instructors are available. Parents receive daily progress reports.

What’s the curriculum like?

Zane Prep is composed of three key components:  Zane Math, Reading, and Homework Help.  Zane Prep is completely customizable to meet your child’s needs. We can tailor a program to have more of a focus on reading, math or homework help, depending on your child’s specific needs.  

Will I know how my child is doing?

Parental communication is an important piece of Zane Prep. Parents receive daily progress reports called a Daily Report Card. Your daily progress report will include an evaluation of your child’s math and reading skills after each session, as well as subjects covered, and school homework completed at Zaniac.

The 3 Components of Zane Prep

1. Zane Math Curriculum

At Zaniac, we believe that all children can learn and become excited about math in the right environment. We build on the great work teachers do in the classroom to support your child where she or he needs it most. With Zane Math, your student will experience a comprehensive curriculum coordinated with your child’s current math abilities. Kids who experience Zane Math see improvements that extend to the classroom. The backbone of Zane Math is our custom software—with more than 14,000 math problems—that allows Zaniac to create a program to best fit your child’s needs. Every level of Zane math includes videos, games and hands-on activities that reinforce concepts specific to that level of Zane Math. 

2. Reading Curriculum

Students will use an online, interactive science-focused reading program called ReadoriumReadorium provides a deep, personalized learning experience for each child. This program is highly motivating and engaging. The differentiation is automatic and intuitive, based on a child’s reading comprehension level. A digital librarian explains the program and kids can choose a book from the bookshelf to begin. Kids love earning Readorium dollars, medals and tokens they can use to view a cool digital magazine or view a science-based video. Students gain subject-expertise, improved reading skills, and an expanded vocabulary. Readorium gets kids to interact with the whole book. 

3. Homework Help

At Zaniac, we understand what a difference a little bit of extra attention can make in children’s confidence in school. That’s why Zaniac’s trained instructors are available each day after school and on Saturdays to help your student with homework. Zaniac offers a fun environment for your child to come and get extra attention and help on the topics she or he is studying in school. In turn, your student gains confidence in his or her ability to achieve in the classroom. Instructors and parents work together to monitor homework assignments and ensure they are completed.

Zane Prep Campus Schedule

Monday 5:15 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.

Thursday 5:15 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.

Friday 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Call to discuss availability for other days and times.

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Zane Prep is $399 per month.

Want a private Zane Prep Class for your child to work one-on-one with a Zaniac instructor? $699 per month.

Additional Zane Prep Benefits

  • One free Parents’ Night Out Events a month
  • 20% discount off any Zaniac Program or Camp. 

Next Step

Your child will love the tutoring experience at Zaniac with our fun, engaging instructors and our cool technology environment. Your child can catch up or get ahead. See real results and better grades. Brighten your child’s future today with Zane Prep! 

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Zane Prep! Zaniac’s Tutoring Program!