Parents' Night Out Events

Date Night for Parents,
Educational Play for Kids!

Parents’ Night Out Events at Zaniac are popular! Plan your date nights in advance. Your K-8th grade kids will have a blast exploring and discovering with our technology and engineering programs! Our Parents’ Night Out Events are themed and held twice a month. Sign up soon as space is limited and they typically sell out fast.

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Parents' Night Out at Zaniac

Kids love Parents’ Night Out at Zaniac because they have a blast exploring, building, and playing while learning engineering and math concepts! Children love Zaniac’s peer-to-peer learning environment that feels like play. Our talented instructors are thoroughly vetted, high school and college honor students, gifted in math, science and technology. Our instructors will engage your kids with Minecraft and many other STEAM Programs!

Parents' Night Out Details
  • For kids in grades K-8
  • 6:30pm - 10:00pm
  • A light snack and drink is provided
  • Price: $27 per child
  • 10% sibling discount: Use coupon code - sibling10
  • Edison Club Members: Use your member benefits
  • Reservations required
  • Spaces are limited and fill up fast, so guarantee your child's spot by signing up for our Parents' Night Out Events in advance!

2019/2020 Parents’ Night Out Schedule and Themes!

Under Pressure

August 3 and 17
Ready, set, takeoff! We will take a look at aerodynamics and propulsion. Come experience the fun of flying as we build and launch catapults, air cannons and rockets.

Maker Space Madness

September 7 and 21
Be an inventor and think like an Engineer! Make games, robots and spaceships as we use the design process and recycled materials to build something awesome!

Spooky Science

October 5 and 19
From erupting brews to fizzing bottles, we'll scare up a good time STEAM style. Hands on exothermic science experiments in our potions lab and multisensory spooky activities will be ghoulish fun!

Alien Exploration

November 2 and 16
Journey with us into outer space to explore our universe and land on Mars! Let’s explore the surface of Mars and build a rover that can maneuver over the course surface.

It’s Electric

December 7 and 21
Light up your holiday! Explore circuitry with easy-to-use electronic building blocks. Make a holiday scene that lights up! Learn how to create circuits in Minecraft using Redstone. Create a glowing holiday card.

Zaniac Zoology

January 11 and 25
Study different biomes and classify animal rarity in Minecraft. Build an animal robot to race around an obstacle course and code your own critter animation in Scratch.

Forensic Science

February 8 and 22
Have your ever wondered how the forensics teams solve the crime? Let’s work together to gather clues, examine the crime scene and collect evidence. Together we will use scientific testing to analyze and solve our Zaniac crime. (This is kid-friendly and not scary.)

Bubble Festival

March 14 and 28
Bubbles Everywhere! Come experience the sparkles in the iridescence, surface tension, buoyancy, and the shape of bubbles. Let’s explore math concepts and science principles as we have fun with bubbles.

Under Pressure

April 11 and 25
Ready, set, takeoff! We will take a look at aerodynamics and propulsion. Come experience the fun of flying as we build and launch catapults, air cannons and rockets.

Earth Day Extravaganza

May 16 and 30
Let's get creative as we learn about ways to care for our planet, how climate change happens and what it does to our Earth. Take a multisensory journey using the scientific process with experiments, and the design process in engineering, as we all become young champions of the Earth!

Space Exploration

June 13 and 27
Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut? Explore space through the eyes of an astronaut. Let’s learn more about the planets, moons, stars and space technology. Travel through our solar system and participate in real astronaut-training activities.

Olympic Games

July 11 and 25
Join us as we prepare to celebrate Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Design and build stadiums in Minecraft. Code an Olympic Game in Scratch, and use circuits to wire up your own Olympic Torch. Fun fact: Tokyo 2020 has created the first ever medal podiums made entirely out of recycled plastic.

Musical Makers

August 8 and 22
Let your inner musician play and produce at Zaniac! Build a custom synthesizer with littleBits®, sequence sounds with GarageBand, and mix beats with code to produce a soundtrack for a Scratch animation. Let the music play!