Birthday Parties

Ignite your child’s imagination with a Zaniac STEAM Birthday Party! Your K-8th grade child will have a blast with friends in our high-tech environment!

Kids can celebrate and play together with a focus on STEAM activities! Celebrate with Minecraft Magic, Blast Off to Space, or Build Your Own STEAM Quest Birthday Party with your child’s favorite Zaniac Programs!
Your designated party host is also an Instructor at Zaniac and will engage your child and up to 20 friends!

We provide the STEAM activities, paper invites and envelopes, balloons for party guests to take home, paper plates, tablecloth, napkins and utensils. We also prepare a special Birthday Party Zaniac Gift Bag for your child. Plus, we do all the set up and clean up! You can provide any food, cake, and drinks you'd like served at the party!

Let us orchestrate the STEAM fun so you can just enjoy your child’s party!

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    Birthday Party Packages!

    Create Magic in Minecraft!

    Get inspired with some Minecraft Magic! Make and race rollercoasters using Redstone, complete an Everest Challenge or build and play together in the same world! Choose your favorite Minecraft accessories and learn how to design and customize them in 3D Printing. Learn all about 3D design and CAD software to customize your own axe, sword, or creeper pendant.

    Blast Off to Space!

    Travel to outer space with your friends as you explore the solar system in Minecraft Galaxy. Build a base on the International Space Station and explore the asteroid belt as you and your friends colonize the Moon or Mars. Perfect the art of building rockets with our Kerbal Space program. It’s out of this world!

    Building Engineers!

    Love building? You will love our Engineering Party! Use your engineering and teamwork skills to design and build a catapult! Identify the pivot point, decide where the load will be and determine the e ort needed to launch your LEGO brick across the room. Let’s see which team wins! Learn about our Mindstorm EV3 Robot units and program your robot to complete an obstacle course.

    Zany Science!

    Conduct cool science experiments led by a qualified Zany instructor! Enjoy the fun of science by making chemical magic, movie special effects, amazing bubbling potions, super-stretchy Zany slime, or a high-bouncing polymer ball! Select your child’s favorite science activities!

    Customize Your Own Party!

    Choose two of your child’s favorite Zaniac STEAM Programs and customize your Party!

    Zaniac Provides

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    Blow out your candles while you build up your STEAM knowledge at Zaniac!

    Here’s what just one parent said about Zaniac Birthday Parties:
    “Hands down one of the best places to have a Birthday Party! The kids had tons of fun and they all learned something. The staff was wonderful and really know how to teach and handle a group of 8 year olds.” - Micky Craig

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