Art & Design

Zaniac's Design classes place an emphasis on the art in STEAM. Students will be immersed in the engineering and design process through hands-on, engaging projects like 3D Printing, music engineering, and fashion design. Zaniac instructors guide students as they create their own well-designed items en route to assembling an innovative portfolio while using our cutting edge technology that better helps them prepare for their future.
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    All Courses Feature

    • 90 minute camps meet once a week for 6 weeks
    • Low ratio of 5 students or less per instructor
    • Understand the 21st century skills required in the professional design industry
    • Develop critical thinking skills to approach problem solving
    • Great for kids who like to tinker and work with their hands -tomorrow's engineers
    • Personal Instructor email after every class updates you on your child's progress
    • Peer-based instruction and a fun atmosphere — Learn and build with friends

    Art & Design

    • Design: Intro to GarageBand
    • Design: Fashion Design
    • Design: Intro to 3D Design & Printing:
    • Design: Advanced 3D Design & Printing::
    • 3D Game Design: Character Design
    • 3D Game Design: Environment & Design
    • 3D Game Design: C# Fundamentals

    Design: Intro to GarageBand

    Get hands-on experience with real-world music production equipment and bring your song ideas to life!

    Intro to GarageBand® is the perfect primer for beginners who want to learn the basics of one of the most popular and accessible DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) programs out there. Starting with the basics of musical notation and form, students work through looping, editing, sound manipulation, and capturing vocals and MIDI instrumentation to create their own music. For grades 3-8 $249.

    Design: Fashion Design

    Explore color theory, careers, and the history and future of fashion through Zaniac's tech-centric, hands-on Design course. Learn why running a modern fashion business is much more than lining up models or picking out fabrics. Fashion students create one-of-a-kind looks using the open-source vector graphics software Inkscape. Assemble your own custom garment designs through assembling mood boards, drawing vectors, arranging nodes, and layering color palettes. For grades 3-8. $249.

    Design: Intro to 3D Design & Printing:

    Zaniac’s 3D Printing curriculum enables kids to understand and work with cutting-edge technology to help them prepare for the future! Get immersed in the engineering and design process and discover how 3D Printing works! Kids will then design their own exciting ideas and use the 3D Printer to turn them into reality! For grades 3-8 $249.

    Design: Advanced 3D Design & Printing:

    Learn advanced, professional-level 3D modeling and CAD techniques! With an emphasis on functional design and robust modeling, students will learn the specifics of how 3D Print & Design is used today. Learn about the software used in college design and architecture classes, slicer software and how to alter your own print settings. For grades 3-8. $249.

    3D Character Design*

    3D Character Design teaches game design concepts such as formalism vs abstractionism, rule implementation, challenge/reward balancing, game flow and paper prototyping. Students create 3D character models using the modeling software Blender, and explore the history of video game design and how it relates to computer science as a field. For grade 6-8. $249.

    *Computer Programming: Game Design is a prerequisite for this course.

    3D Environment & Design*

    In 3D Environment Design, students learn design concepts including genre, random generation, character/world interaction, and sound design. Learn about storyline, narrative, and the impact that personality has on game preferences in choices. Use the Unity game engine to map 3D environments, apply attributes, then design textures in Gimp to overlay on your game world. For grade 6-8. $249.

    *Computer Programming: Game Design with Scratch is a prerequisite for this course.

    C# Fundamentals *

    Bring your environments and characters to life using C#, a real-world, object-oriented programming language and learn programming concepts like classes, methods, and strings to create C# Scripts. Students in C# Fundamentals also explore concepts central to 3D games, such as lighting effects, gravity/physics, movement, transformations, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). For grade 6-8. $249.

    *Both 3D Character Design and 3D Environment Design are prerequisites for this course.